Notice of complaint

      (a) If the consumer buys, uses or receives services, disputes with the provider of the goods or services, and the provider of the goods or services belongs to Fosun Group and its subsidiaries, it is recommended that the complaint be made first through the complaint channel of the relevant enterprise, if the complaint is not effectively resolved or the relevant enterprise lacks the channel of complaint, Complaints can be lodged through this platform.

       (b) Consumers ' complaints through the platform shall meet the following conditions:

1. There are clear complainants;

2. There are specific requests, facts and reasons for complaints.

      (c) The following complaints are inadmissible or terminated:

1. Goods and services not provided by Fosun Group and its subsidiaries;

2. After purchase the goods exceed the shelf life, the complainant is no longer liable for breach of contract;

3. Mediation has been organized by the administrative Department for Industry and Commerce;

4. Other organizations, such as consumer associations or people's mediation organizations, have mediated or are in the process of dealing with them;

5. A court, arbitral institution or other administrative department has accepted or dealt with;

6. Consumers know or should know that their rights and interests have been infringed for more than a year, or that consumers cannot prove that their rights and interests have been infringed;

7.  Not in accordance with the provisions of national laws, regulations and regulations.

       (d) After the consumer complaint has been accepted, the platform will be forwarded to the relevant enterprises and departments for processing on the basis of the goods or service providers selected by the consumer, and the headquarters of Fosun Group shall arrange for the supervision of the complaint handling process.

          (e) The admissibility and outcome of complaints are communicated to consumers by telephone, text message or mail.

      (f) If there is a single matter of complaint, please do not repeat the complaint on the same matter.

      (g) Fosun Group reserves the right to pursue legal liability for malicious complaints and even for disinformation and defamation of consumers.